Local SEO is a Must for any Small Business

Many small businesses have not yet discovered the wonders of online marketing which is their number one mistake. Traditional marketing such as local newspapers has lost it’s value over the past 20 years because of the huge developments of technology. People nowadays are more likely to rely on the internet and use local search to find services they need at a certain time.

What is Local SEO

Local SEO or search engine optimization is an advanced marketing strategy that helps businesses promote their contents and services to customers who are already looking for them. This is type of targeted approach helps entrepreneurs rank higher in Google search and increase their chances of getting discovered by potential clients.  Here is more on how local SEO can impact your business.

How Local SEO Differs

Unlike the more traditional ways of marketing such as ads and direct emails, local SEO is efficient in terms of getting new leads quickly. Reason being, using emails and ads you are throwing your content out there and hoping someone who is interested in it will come by. That is a matter of chance and doesn’t really result in 100% efficiency. However, with local SEO, you are allowing customers who are already looking for your type of service to come across your business and get familiar with it. That already increases your chances of getting a customer by 50%. The rest is the matter of quality of your content on the website.

Why Local SEO is a Must for Small Business

Every business should have a well developed local SEO strategy, especially the smaller ones that are still looking for ways to grow on the market. With local SEO, small businesses can get promoted and seen by thousands of potential clients in a matter of days. Customers are using both PC and mobile internet access to quickly find a specific business and with local SEO covering both platforms, your chances of getting discovered are highly increased. Besides being the most efficient online marketing strategy, local SEO happens to be the most affordable one. You can even get listed on Google My Business for free and increase your rank in local search and the results on Google. That is pretty much a free promotion for your business that you shouldn’t be missing out on.

More than half of the world’s internet users will settle for one of the first three choices Google search offers them. The better your SEO strategy is, the higher you will show up in the search results, getting your business recognized and utilized. Local SEO strategies are not only recommended but even required for small businesses to grow their clientele and leads number in order to be able to compete with the higher ranked companies and earn fair amounts of profits.